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3 Berry Square with Bavarian Fill
"To walk down the steps past the glass cases filled with cookies,  biscotti, pastries, ices into the back  room with its pressed tin ceiling and mosaic-tile floor, is to enter the Italian immigrant experience of the early 20th    Century." 

New York Times
September, 29, 1991

"It's authentic as when it opened in 1904.  The thing to do here is to relax like the locals, Italian style."

Daily News June 6, 1980.

Cassata Siciliane with Ricotta Fill

Fruit Tart with Bavarian Cream Filling
People return every Easter to DeRobertis Pastry Shop on First Avenue, to buy Pastiera, a wheat and ricotta pie, and egg dough dipped in honey.  The talk of the olde days climbing the schoolyard fence to get inside and then playing Stickball and dodging the cars, city games. 

Jimmy Breslin 
New York Newsday
April 19, 1992.

Movie scenes filmed at DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe: Spike Lee's epic "Malcolm X" featuring Denzel Washington.  And Woody Allen's 
"Manhattan Murder Mystery" featuring 
Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

Strawberry & Rasberry Cheesecake

Mixed Fruit Square, Bavarian Fill
Mixed Fruit Square, Bavarian Fill
  Alexandre Rockwell’s "In The Soup" featuring Jennifer Beal, Steve Buscemi and Seymour CasselAddicted to Love—Meg Ryan & Matthew Broderick
HBO’s Sex and the City—Sarah Jessica Parker Eye’s Wide Shut—Tom Cruise
Many stars have come and enjoyed the olde timeatmosphere of DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe,  Such as:
   Robert Deniro, Brooke Shields,
   Jennifer Beals, matt Dillon,
Andy Garcia, 
Scott Valentine

California Fruit Pie, Bavarian Fill

Assorted Mini Pastries
. . . John Travolta, Spike Lee, Phil Rizzuto, Jimmy Breslin, Madonna, Martin Scorcese, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini,  Cathrine Scorcese
 . . . Meg Ryan, Matthew Broderick,
   Maureen Stapleton,  Sarah Jessica Parker, Joe Pesci,  Susan Sarandon, Faye Dunaway,  Glenn Close, 
Robert Pastorelli.

Strawberry Shortcake

Large Party Cannoli

Easter Bread with Egg

Cannoli, Ricotta Fill

Struffoli – An Italian Holiday Tradition
    Fried Egg Dough Dipped in Honey

Pizza Rustico Pie
 Salt, Pepper, Eggs, Mozzarella,
Prosciutto Fill

Easter Marzipan Lamb

Assorted Layer Cakes

3 Tier Wedding Cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake

Tira Mi Su  Italian Cream 
Cheese Filled Cake  with Lady Fingers Around Cake, Soaked in Expresso

Mocha Expresso Chocolate Cake
with Mocha Cream Fill

Opera Cake Yellow Cake, First Layer Marzipan Fill Second LayerChocolate  Mousse 

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Sacher Torte Chocolate Walnut Cake with Rasberry Fill

Assorted Cakes and Pies

Butter Cookies   Pignoli Cookies 
Sandwich Cookies

Lobster Tail, Bavarian Fill

Sfogliatella & Assorted Cookies with
Coffee and Cappuccino

Cookie Display

Ices and Sorbet

The DeRobertis Interior

John DeRobertis and his sister Annie
Be Sure to Visit Our Gallery of Star Cakes and our New Specialty Cakes

Order wedding and specialty cakes from our Bakery Online

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